2013 IMSANZ ASM - Newcastle

To view the presentations from this meeting, please visit http://www.imsanz.org.au/resources/2013-imsanz-asm-newcastle (you must be logged in to access this page)

Opening remarks and panel sessions at the spectacular Newcastle City Hall

Winner 2013 Poster Presentations Dr Helen Robinson

Poster Presentations in the Exhibition Hall

Trainee Breakfast Presentations

IMSANZ Advanced Trainee Award Winners - Dr Edward Tsoi and Dr Belinda Suthers

IMSANZ Award Presentations

IMSANZ Gala Dinner

I've got the tongs (you had to be there)

Is that a smile on the face of our humble past president?

We're not sure. This is his jacket..

Our President Elect picked a winner!

A stunning performance by Kumari Lamotte

Sons of the East performing after dinner

RACP Governance Update

Closing remarks from Dr Robert Pickles, Chair of the 2013 Conference Committee & IMSANZ Honorary Secretary

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